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Open Here

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Open Here is the sixth album from Sunderland brothers Peter and David Brewis. The 11 tracks were recorded in their small studio on a light industrial estate by the River Wear.

The opening track ‘Time In Joy’ has a bubbly prog-rock vibe, reminiscent of the ‘canterbury sound’ bands such as caravan. Similarly, ‘Count It Up’ has more than a nod to Gentle Giant. ‘Share A Pillow’ features a guitar and vocal style not unlike Adrian Belew (one - time Talking Heads member ).

Open Here is a pastoral gem. Featuring a string quartet, cornshed sisters choir and a wide array of musicians playing flute, saxophone, trumpet and even flugelhorn - the only thing that seems to be missing is the kitchen sink!

“Over 13 years and 6 albums, Field Music have managed to carve a niche where all of these sounds can find a place; a place where pop music can be as voracious as it wants to be”




1. Time In Joy
2. Count It Up
3. Front Of House
4. Share A Pillow
5. Open Here
6. Goodbye To The Country
7. Checking On A Message
8. No King No Princess
9. Cameraman
10. Daylight Saving
11. Find A Way To Keep Me


Released: February 2018
Cat: MI0476 / Memphis Industries