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World's Strongest Man

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It’s often said that artists need to adapt and change to stay relevant. With this, his third solo release, Gaz Coombes has managed to do that, whilst still retaining that unique sound that he’s always had as a solo performer.

There’s no questioning this man’s song writing prowess, and this seems to be a kind of anthology of all his favourite genres. World’s Strongest Man has hints of hip-hop, some electronica, naturally some indie and a whole lot of originality.

The lead single from the album ‘Deep Pockets’ could easily soundtrack a road-trip movie where the perp is being trailed at speed by the Feds. You can imagine the moody rear-view mirror glances and the slow-motion doughnut spins.

‘Walk The Walk’ is steeped in 70’s nostalgia with Radiohead like beats but is a world away from ‘Deep Pockets’. That is such a rare thing for modern albums, that ability to change direction within the space of a couple of tracks.

This is a great album and it just proves that Gaz Coombes has left his chopper at home and upgraded to a Harley. Banging album!



1. World’s Strongest Man
2. Deep Pockets
3. Walk The Walk
4. Shit (I’ve Done It Again)
5. Slow Motion Life
6. Wounded Egos
7. Oxygen Mask
8. In Waves
9. The Oaks
10. Vanishing Act
11. Weird Dreams


Released: May 2018
Cat: HF012LP / Hot Fruit