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by Geotic

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Will Wiesenfeld, presenting Abysma under the cloak of Geotic and released on Ghostly, has recaptured a golden era of chilled out dance music here and the most congratulatory aspect is that he has done it against a modern day digital maelstrom. One more effect or tool is just a click of a button away and yet where many producers succumb to exhibiting their own ostentation, Wiesenfeld has kept Abysma remarkably, beautifully, understated.

Wiesenfeld, a classically trained artist, is a native of the San Fernando Valley in LA, a short hop from the ocean, and once that registers the inspiration for the record is blindingly clear. When the record spins in your own backyard one can almost feel the Los Angeles sun searing against your back, which offers something truly life affirming about the record. Just like a California highway, Abysma runs in a smooth straight line – a cruising road record in the midday sun if there ever were one. An architectural triumph with no sharp turns or awkward humps, it glides simply and majestically from its starting point to its destination.

‘Nav’ and ‘Billionth Remnant’ are the two standout tracks on the record. Vocals are certainly at a premium but when they do come they are saturated in glorious reverb, creating a beautiful floating narrative across the perpetual synths sweeping the sizzling backdrop while the perfect pop of a kick drum tenderly but firmly thumps you in the chest.


    1. Sunspell
    2. Actually Smiling
    3. Nav
    4. Billionth Remnant
    5. Laura Corporeal
    6. Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky
    7. Perish Song
    8. Valiance

    Released: March 2017
    Cat: GI283LP / Ghostly