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Young Adult

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After 4-years away, Slam Dunkworth (as Emmy the Great calls him) has grabbed his cape and is ready to fly again. Returning with his 5th studio album after a hiatus to “concentrate on other musical projects” GCWCF returns with Young Adult, indie-pop as it should be. Young Adult could well have been written by Billy Brag or Morrissey given that it’s strewn with messages and heavy vocals. I honestly don’t think it’s an insult to describe this album as steady. Sometimes it’s great to put on an album from a well-established songwriter and know exactly what you’re going to get. This is exactly that. It’s different from his previous albums in so much as it doesn’t dwell on emotion and angst instead opting to slap you with humour and poetry. His acoustic rhythms and warm vocals are still evident as is his ability to create an impulse to hang on to every word. It’s a good album this, solid and dependable, like your favourite comfy chair.

Released: January 2018
Cat: XMR137
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings



1. Adults
2. Man2Man
3. DNA
4. Scrapbook
5. Always
6. Animate
7. Invisible
8. VHS Forever
9. Just a Phase
10. What Haves