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Goat Girl


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Goat Girl is the self-titled debut album from ferocious female four-piece Goat Girl.

Thrumming with an inimitable youthful energy, Goat Girl deliver a fast-paced and frenetic debut, with 19 tracks packed into a 40 minute running time.

With throaty vocals, guttural guitars and frequently furious lyrics, it would be easy to compartmentalize Goat Girl as just another young, angry indie-rock band.

In fact, Goat Girl are something special.

Their music is highly intelligent, with considered, political lyrics delivered with wit, style and sass. Their tunes span from dark and brooding melodies to light-hearted offerings bursting with cheeky fun and back again.

Each song on the album is carefully crafted to reflect the artists’ real-life experiences, with the band members all bringing their own musical style and influences to the table.

As such, the album serves as a portal into the world of the band, with every song telling a unique story. Goat Girl glitters with a lively magic, making this four-piece one of the most exciting new groups around.

The album is available via Rough Trade, on limited edition violet 12” vinyl.



1. Salty Sounds
2. Burn the Stake
3. Creep
4. Viper Fish
5. A Swamp Dog's Tale
6. Cracker Drool
7. Slowly Reclines
8. The Man with No Heart
or Brain
9. Moonlit Monkey
10. The Man
11. Lay Down
12. I Don't Care Part 1
13. Hank's Theme
14. I Don't Care Part 2
15. Throw Me a Bone
16. Dance of Dirty Leftovers
17. Little Liar
18. Country Sleaze
19. Tomorrow


Released: April 2018
Cat: RTRADLPX884 / Rough Trade