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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Deluxe Edition

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 gave us a breath of fresh air in terms of sci-fi, the film itself made over 800 million dollars worldwide which is a testament to its quality. Quality that would not have been so vibrant without a perfect score behind it. It’s important to consider that if a motion picture releases its soundtrack as a separate product it’s got a damn good reason, but to release it on vinyl is a bold move.

Released in august by Marvel & UMC this really does not disappoint, taking music from a mix of different artists going back all the way to the scintillating 60’s and above. This is in its purest form a mixtape, fitting for Peter Quill himself.

Anyone who knows anything about film knows just how important the music is, and for any fan of the franchise this really is a specialist collector’s item that will only get more valuable with time. The double black vinyl features tracks that manage not only to make the film sound great, but also seem to fit the tone without so much as a stutter. Don’t sleep on this one chaps.


    Side A

    1. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra
    2. Fox on the Run- Sweet
    3. Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
    4. The Chain- Fleetwood Mac
    5. Bring It on Home to Me- Sam Cooke
    6. Southern Nights- Glen Campbell

    Side B

    1. My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
    2. Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)- Looking Glass
    3. Come a Little Bit Closer- Jay and The Americans
    4. Wham Bam Shang-a-Lang- Silver
    5. Surrender- Cheap Trick
    6. Father and Son- Yusef / Cat Stevens

    Side C

    1. Flash Light- Parliament
    2. Guardians Inferno- The Sneepers (Featuring - David Hasselhoff
    3. Showtime, A-holes- Tyler Bates
    4. vs. The Abilisk- Tyler Bates
    5. Space Chase- Tyler Bates
    6. Family History- Tyler Bates
    7. Groot Expectations- Tyler Bates
    8. Mammalian Bodies- Tyler Bates

    Side D

    1. Two- Time- Galaxy Savers- Tyler Bates
    2. I Know Who You Are- Tyler Bates
    3. Ego- Tyler Bates
    4. Kraglin and Drax- Tyler Bates
    5. The Expansion- Tyler Bates
    6. Mary Poppins and the Rat- Tyler Bates
    7. Gods- Tyler Bates
    8. Dad- Tyler Bates
    9. A Total Hasselhoff- Tyler Bates
    10. Guardians of the Fricken' Galaxy

    Released: August 2017
    Cat: 00050087368746