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Le Kov

by Gwenno
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Did you know there are only 300 native speakers of the Cornish language? Well, it’s true and Gwenno is one of those. It’s for that reason that this Welsh-born singer decided to release her second album entirely in the Cornish language.

Le Kov which translates as “the place of memory” is dream pop – yes I know, there I go again pigeon-holing an entire album. But it is, it’s dream pop, there’s literally no other genre to describe this album.

Lead single from the album is ‘Tir Ha Mor’ (Land and Sea) and is inspired by Cornish Abstract Landscape artist, Peter Lanyon, part of Gwenno researching her heritage. For that fact alone, you have to give this a listen.

Anybody that can create this level of musicianship whilst exploring her own identity deserves your attention. Gwenno has created a collection of songs that not only educate and inspire, but that are a damn good listen too.



1. Hi a Skoellyas Liv a
2. Dhagrow
3. Tir Ha Mor
4. Herdhya
5. Eus Keus?
6. Jynn-amontya
7. Den Heb Taves
8. Daromres y'n Howl
9. Aremorika
10. Hunros
11. Koweth Ker


Released: March 2018
Cat: HVNLP145 / Heavenly