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Ex-HECK riff monsters Matt Reynolds and Tom Marsh return as Haggard Cat. The Nottingham duo’s latest output is indeed a bone shaking beast of an album. Spanning 10 tracks of destructive, chaotic rock, Challenger provides us with gritty and snarling tunes that contain more riffs than ever.

There is much more than noise to these guys though. As abrasive as Challenger is, it is also extraordinarily catchy. As raucous as these boys can get, they show eager ears for a melody or two too.

The dynamic grooves and sand paper vocals on Challenger’s lead single ‘American Graffiti’ rise to glorious anthemic heights. It’s angry, but it’s also a foot stompingly brilliant achievement.

Along with another barn stormer ‘Bone Shaker’, we are rarely given time to catch our breath. With almost masochistic joy, Haggard Cat grab us by our aching throats and shake us into welcoming submission.

I found myself shouting along to several choruses on this album, with Reynolds’ words ringing in my ear – ‘bad news travels fast. Rise above it and focus on the other things’. Right now, the tracks from this monster album are those ‘other things’.

Get involved. The future is going to be loud. Wear protection.

Released: April 2018
Cat: 817195020733
Label: Earache Records



1. The Patriot
2. American Graffiti
3. Grave Digger
4. Bad News (Travels Fast)
5. Goldberg
6. The Legend
7. Bone Shaker
8. The Felon
9. Bearfoot
10. High Roller