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Home Counties


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The Home Counties are an embarrassing place to come from. The name itself suggests that somehow the rest of Britain isn’t ‘home’, not even London. Saint Etienne grew up in the Home Counties.

Here are sixteen new songs they have written about a day in the life of this doughnut of shires that ring the capital, punctuated by bursts of BBC radio to remind you what time it is and all connected by train journeys - main lines, branch lines, commutes, escapes.

The love / hate relationship people have with ‘home’ is particularly acute in the Home Counties. Yet Saint Etienne understand that if you squint, it could be almost utopian.

Released: June 2017
Cat: HVNLP139
Label: Heavenly



      1. The Reunion
      2. Something New
      3. Magpie Eyes
      4. Whyteleafe
      5. Dive
      6. Church Pew Furniture Restorer
      7. Take It All In
      8. Popmaster
      9. Underneath The Apple Tree
      10. Out Of My Mind
      11. After Hebden
      12. Breakneck Hill
      13. 1 Heather
      14. Sports Report
      15. Train Drivers In Eyeliner
      16. Unopened Fan Mail
      17. What Kind Of World
      18. Sweet Arcadia
      19. Angel Of Woodhatch