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Bark Your Head Off, Dog

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Frances Quinlan is the mastermind behind Hop Along, so much so that she is not only vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, but she also helped produce the album and painted the artwork that has become the album cover.

There’s very much an anti-patriarchal message running through the whole album and it’s perhaps telling that Hop Along had to fund Bark Your Head Off, Dog themselves.

This album, and indeed this band, are hard to pigeon-hole. They are indie, and also aren’t indie. They are folky, but also aren’t folky. They are poppy….well, you get the idea.

Above all else though, Bark Your Head Off, Dog is a damn fine album. Quinlan’s vocals are stretched to full effect, none-more-so than on ‘Prior Things’, the band’s lead single from this their 4th studio album.

So, if you fancy getting your hands on a genre-defying album with a powerful message and an incredible display of vocal acrobatics, then look no further than this.

*insert cliché about hopping along to our store to buy it*

Released: April 2018
Cat: LBJ263
Label: Saddle Creek



1. How Simple
2. Somewhere a Judge
3. How You Got Your Limp
4. Not Abel 
5. The Fox in Motion 
6. One That Suits Me 
7. What the Writer Meant 
8. Look of Love 
9. Prior Things