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Upon investigation it turns out that Portland is a hotbed of musical talent and has been throughout the years. The Decemberists, Pink Martini, Everclear, The Dandy Warhols and Chromatics all hail from the self-proclaimed ‘weirdest city on the planet’.

So Horse Feathers, from Portland, release their 6th studio album and did they feel the pressure of this musical legacy? Nah, did they balls. This album is an absolute belter from beginning to end.

Appreciation is one of those albums that you’ll listen to and you will be compelled to track down their entire back-catalogue and then pretend to your mates that you’ve been a fan for years.

Lead tracks from the album ‘Don’t Mean To Pry’ and ‘Without Applause’ show that the band have developed a deeper sound on Appreciation. A sound that encompasses a bit of northern soul, a bit of folk and some classic indie-acoustic guitar.

It’s a really good album with some beautifully penned lyrics. Hard to compare and even harder to pigeon-hole, so just buy it and enjoy it for what it is; Pure Portlandia.



1. Without Applause
2. Born In Love
3. Best To Leave
4. Broken Beak
5. Don’t Mean To Pry
6. Altamont
7. Evictions
8. Faultline Wail
9. The Hex
10. On The Rise


Released: May 2018
Cat: LPKRS643 / Kill Rock Stars