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Insecure Men


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Saul Adamczewski is at it again. Not content with playing his part in arguably the biggest underground success of 2017 with fictitious-not-so-fictitious screwball’s The Moonlandingz, he’s doing it again in 2018 with new project, Insecure Men.

Still probably more roundly known for being – along with Lias Saoudi – the parents of Fat White Family, Adamczewksi is this time buddying-up with Ben Romans-Hopcroft of Childhood; on the face of it just about the chalkiest chalk to the cheesiest cheese partnership, sure, but Lordy does it work well.

In many ways the debut record Insecure Men sounds exactly like you should expect it to. The polarizing influence of Romans-Hopcroft makes for a soulful and, at times, glam-pop centred record, at odds with Adamczewski’s more notorious chaotic, druggy kind of side with the Fat White’s.

Both lead single ‘Teenage Toy’ and album highlight ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance (With My Baby)’ are beautifully crafted tracks that could slip effortlessly into a 1970’s pop-tastic mix tape, yet possess a grim undertone that could almost go unnoticed against the smooth vibes of the music. They themselves describe Insecure Men as “Pretty music with a dark underbelly to it”, and with a dream-sequence-like ode of sorts to Cliff Richard (Cliff Has Left The Building) and a song with Gary Glitter as the main protagonist (Mekong Glitter), who can argue?

Released: February 2018
Cat: FP16474
Label: Fat Possum



1. Subaru Nights
2. Teenage Toy
3. All Women Love Me
4. Mekong Glitter
5. Heathrow
6. I Don't Wanna Dance (With My Baby)
7. The Saddest Man in Penge
8. Ulster
9. Cliff Has Left The Building
10. Whitney Houston and I
11. Buried in the Bleak