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Beast Epic

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Following last year’s collaborative record with Jessica Hoop, ‘Love Letter For Fire’, Sam Beam is back in 2017 with a new Iron & Wine album. Entitled Beast Epic, it marks the first new Iron & Wine material since 2013’s ‘Ghost On Ghost’. Describing the record’s title, Beam stated “To be honest, I’ve named this record BEAST EPIC mostly because it sounds really fucking cool!  However, with that said and perhaps to be completely honest, “a story where animals talk and act like people” sounds like the perfect description for the life of any of us.  If not that, then it’s at least perfect for any group of songs I’ve ever tried to make. I hope you enjoy it.”


1. Claim Your Ghost
2. Thomas County Law
3. Bitter Truth
4. Song In Stone
5. Summer Clouds
6. Call It Dreaming
7. About A Bruise
8. Last Night
9. Right For Sky
10. The Truest Stars We Know
11. Our Light Miles

Bonus Disc (SPDX1170 Only)

1. Hearts Walk Anywhere
2. Kicking the Old Rain
3. About a Bruise (Demo)
4. Claim Your Ghost (Demo)
5. Summer Clouds (Demo)


Released: August 2017
Cat: SPDX1170 / SP1170