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by Jaguwar

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Ten Track debut album from Jaguwar. Formed in Dresden, Germany in 2012, the trio are Lemmy Fischer - vocals/guitar, Oyemi Noize - vocals/bass and Chris Krenkel -drums. The Band cite My Bloody Valentine as an influence and the track 'Week' certainly has Kevin Shields-like guitar licks all over it. However, for the most part, Fischer’s playing has textures similar to The Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie, especially on 'Gone'. Another obvious influence is The Cure. The track 'Crystal' could be straight off Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. Likewise, 'Whales' has fischer singing in Robert Smith mode. Another comparison is Noize’s vocals - reminiscent of The Primitives Tracey Tracey on both 'Away' and opening track 'Lunatic'. All in all, Ringthing is a confident debut album by a band not afraid to let their influences shine through - shimmering shoegaze pop for the 21st Century.

“At its best, Ringthing is accessible european indie packed with energy.”

“A sonic adventure that would cheer the souls of the most hardiest of listeners.”

Released: January 2018
Cat: TR378
Label: Tapete



1. Lunatic
2. Skeleton Feet
3. Slow and Tiny
4. Gone
5. Crystal
6. Night Out
7. Whales
8. Away
9. Week
10. End