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The Animal Spirits

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Where to begin with James Holden & The Animal Spirits, have you ever listened to an album and after five tracks wondered what on earth you’re even listening to? I hadn't until this one which I think is exactly what Holden wanted.

Since his rebellion against what we would call mainstream dance music in 2006, he has really taken his music to another world which he labelled ‘folk dance’ and with that for a title how could anyone know what to expect, folk dance at this point is whatever Holden says it is.

This album was recorded with no edits and in singular takes, it’s music in its rawest form. When you grab this vinyl, be sure to listen to ‘Thunder Moon Gathering’ as at the height of that track it’s as if the band was possessed, which you can really feel was the mood of that recording room. Yet other songs sound ready to be loaded into the soundtrack of a new Nintendo game.

Holden certainly isn't looking for anyone’s approval, it’s a rebellious album for a rebellion you need to join. The heavyweight double 12’’ vinyl is out now, grab it whilst you can!



1. Incantation For Inanimate Object
2. Spinning Dance
3. Pass Through The Fire
4. Each Moment Like The First
5. The Beginning & End Of The World
6. Thunder Moon Gathering
7. The Animal Spirits
8. The Neverending
9. Go Gladly Into The Earth


Released: November 2017
Cat: 50BCLP / Border Community