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Jaws - Original Motion Picture Score

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Vinyl, or even film, aficionados will tell you that this is NOT the first time the Jaws soundtrack has been released on vinyl. And to a certain extent they’d be right.

However, previous incarnations, such as the 1975 Grammy Award-winning release was actually a re-recording. This is the score that was originally composed and recorded for the film.

This John Williams masterpiece is as packed with suspense as a boat that’s way too small for shark fishing. It’s score writing at its absolute best from the now legendary fear-inducing ‘Shark Attack’ to the climactic ‘Blown To Bits’.

If you’re a fan of soundtracks, then Jaws really should be in your collection. Even if you just get it out once a year when you have the house to yourself; put it on, turn it up and scare yourself half to death, whilst revelling in the genius of John Williams.

I think we’re gonna need a bigger vinyl cupboard



Side A

  1. Jaws – Main Title (0:59)
  2. The First Victim (1:45)
  3. Remains On The Beach (0:59)
  4. The Empty Raft (Extended Version) (1:45)
  5. The Pier Incident (2:30)
  6. Father And Son (Film Version) (1:59)
  7. The Alimentary Canal (1:58)
  8. Ben Gardner’s Boat (3:33)

Side B

  1. Montage (1:35)
  2. Into The Estuary (2:53)
  3. Out To Sea (Film Version) (1:01)
  4. Tug On The Line (2:39)
  5. Man Against Beast (Film Version) (5:34)

Side C

  1. Quint’s Tale (2:48)
  2. Brody Panics (1:16)
  3. Barrel Off Starboard (1:41)
  4. Great Chase (3:02)
  5. Shark Tows Orca (0:41)
  6. Three Barrels Under (2:17)
  7. From Bad To Worse (1:07)

Side D

  1. Quint Thinks It Over (1:14)
  2. The Shark Cage Fugue (2:02)
  3. The Shark Approaches (Film Version) (0:53)
  4. The Shark Hits The Cage (2:03)
  5. Quint Meets His End (1:27)
  6. Blown To Bits (3:17)
  7. Jaws – End Title (1:57)

Released: February 2018
Cat: MOND115 / Mondo