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Rare Birds


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After a hectic 2017, Jonathan Wilson finally returns with his first solo album in five years. Rare Birds is an eclectic, 13-track journey through the clouds; a dreamy and soothing double album that explores varied, expanded soundscapes.

Wilson is an accomplished multi-tooled musician; of this there is no doubt. The floating presence of synthesisers and drum machines allow him to produce material that is certainly calming, and almost healing.

Wilson is proud to have surveyed ‘positivity, reflection, longing, patience and soothing meditation’ in his new album. The glossy hi-fi coating he puts over his material only makes this release more impressive.

Add the inclusion of collaborations with the likes of Father John Misty, Laraaji and Lana Del Rey to the mix, and we are left feeling that Rare Birds is indeed an epic body of work.

Stand out track ‘Loving You’ dips its toes into a magically ambient sphere, whilst the 7-minute single ‘Over the Midnight’ is the consummate sound of safety, where lyrically, nothing is savage.

Rare Birds is a cool breeze on a hot day. It’s that sunshine in an abysmal winter. Even the vinyl itself is golden. No coincidence. Mellow, gentle rock at its very best.

Released: March 2018
Cat: BELLA730
Label: Bella Union



1. Trafalgar Square
2. Me
3. Over The Midnight
4. There’s A Light
5. Sunset Boulevard
6. Rarebirds
7. 49 Hair Flips
8. Miriam Montague
9. Loving You
10. Living With Myself
11. Hard To Get Over
12. Hi Ho The Righteous
13. Mulholland Queen