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Bad Behaviour


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If you’re unsure what to make of Kat Frankie, always remember that she moved to Berlin on the basis of a throwaway comment by the band Chicks on Speed. That kind of determination is evident in this groundbreaking debut, with Bad Behaviour destined to be one of those classic albums that will continue to grow on you.

If you're a fan of Florence and the Machine, then the power of Frankie’s vocals here will grab you in the same way. There’s something that seems almost punk-like in this almost excessive album that touches in places that verge on the sublime. Far more complex than you might expect, Kat Frankie has unleashed this debut album on an unsuspecting world and whether the world is ready for it has yet to be seen.

Bad Behaviour contains not one wasted note or lyric, and despite the complex richness of it all, there is something uniquely accessible about it. Elaborate in its composition yet intimate in its overall impact, Kat Frankie is making music the only way she knows how - dancing that thin line between pop and the sombre imaginings of a darker stage.



1. Bad Behaviour
2. Swallow You Whole
3. Home
4. Forgiveness
5. Versailles
6. Headed For The Reaper
7. Finite
8. The Sun
9. Back To Life
10. Spill


Released: February 2018
Cat: LPGRON179 / Groenland Records