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Lady Bird Soundtrack

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Sometimes listening to a soundtrack without having seen the film can in itself be an extra-sensory experience. Trying to piece your own story together as the music plays is a unique experience reserved only for the instrumental album.

So, in the interests of full disclosure, at the time of writing this I have not seen the highly rated and critically acclaimed film Lady Bird from which this soundtrack is taken. However, as my opening paragraph suggests that wasn’t necessary to thoroughly enjoy this music.

A collection of multi-instrumental tunes each with its’ own identity are the creation of the genius that is Jon Brion. A musical institution who everybody should know, he’s worked with the likes of Kanye West, Fiona Apple and Rufus Wainwright. And if that’s not enough he’s produced soundtracks to huge films like Eternal Sunshine and Magnolia. The guy is an enigma. Seriously.

Available on Fire Soundtracks this beautiful album compounds its’ ‘must-have-ability’ by being released on a limited edition white vinyl. Get it!



1. Title Credits
2. Sign Up
3. Drive Home
4. LB / Danny
5. Pick Up
6. Lady Bird Kiss
7. Rose Garden
8. LB Steals Math Grade Book
9. Thanksgiving in Sacramento
10. Coffee Shop
11. Hope
12. More Hope
13. Consolation
14. Hope Against Hope
15. Model Homes
16. Maybe
17. Looking Forward
18. Summer in Sacramento
19. Packing Up
20. Leaving
21. Hope?
22. Reconcile
23. Lady Bird


Released: February 2018
Cat: FROST005 / Fire Soundtracks