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Lightning Bolt (2020)

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What I really love is how easy Lightning Bolt is to listen to. I’m being facetious, of course. Famously hard to listen to; famously noisy and grating; famously DIY, Lightning Bolt is the album that record stores had to create an ‘Alternative’ box for! Importantly, this is the first vinyl reissue of the album since 1999, when only 740 copies were pressed. Released as a double LP, the first is the original release, the second an alternative, recorded at the same time and never previously issued on vinyl. Lightning Bolt is packaged in a double-sided silkscreen wrap using the original artwork designs.

Released: January 2020
Label: Thrill Jockey



1. Into The Valley
2. Murk Hike
3. Caught Deep In The Zone
4. Fleeing The Valley Of
5. Whirling Knives
6. Mistake
7. Zone
8. And Beyond