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Lord Youth EP


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Released: Released March 24th 2017
Product Info: Limited to just x150 10" EP
Cat: BBI0300 (BB Island)

Very limited 6-track 10" - only 150 copies worldwide. Lord Youth is the songwriting project of Micah Blaichman from Queens, NY. 

Recorded in Berlin in the summer of 2014 by producer Anders Christopersen, in a building that once housed a blacksmith's workshop, in sessions that were as methodical as they were experimental. The EP's sound was greatly influenced by the mid-summer purchase of a Chilton Talentmaker, an optical-disk keyboard that was a copyright-infringing counterfeit of Mattel's Optigan Organ. Another inspiration was a large stained-glass window that bathed the studio in reds and greens and blues. Other inspirations were Skip James, the kraut-rock band Can's record Ege Bamyasi, and the writings of William Vollmann.

(Not our words, the words of the press release)

  1. Gray Gardens 03:35
  2. Blue Yodel #156 02:53
  3. Plastic Bombs 03:55
  4. Moonbelly 00:56
  5. Everybody's Listening To The Fire 04:26
  6. Buck's Dance 01:04
  7. Cypress Grove 04:07
  8. What's That Sound 03:18