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Burn My Eyes (2020)

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Burn My Eyes was released in 1994; the debut album from pioneering new-wave American heavy metal band Machine Head. With themes of social disorder, the album is still regarded as one of - if not the - best Machine Head record, featuring the fan-favourite single 'Davidian.' Selling over 400,000 copies, Burn My Eyes would become the Roadrunner label's best selling debut album. In 2020, Burn My Eyes is reissued on 140g gold and orange coloured double LP. This variant is limited to just 300 copies in the UK.

Released: November 2020
Cat: 0081227907907
Label: Run Out Groove



1. Davidian
2. Old
3. A Thousand Lies
4. None But My Own
5. The Rage To Overcome
6. Death Church
7. A Nation On Fire
8. Blood For Blood
9. I’m Your God Now
10. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
11. Block
12. Death Church (Bonus Demo)
13. Old (Bonus Demo)
14. The Rage To Overcome (Bonus Demo)
15. A Nation On Fire (Bonus Demo)
16. Real Lies / Fuck It All (Bonus Demo)