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Radyo Siwel


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Canadian born Hatian singer, songwriter and guitarist, Melissa Laveaux’s music has been described as a mix roots, folk and blues that’s been lavishly layered over her signature percussive finger-style guitar and soulful vocals. Radyo Siwel is an album that’s steeped in history having been inspired by Laveaux’s own Haitian roots. In 2016 she headed back to Haiti in search of her ancestry and heritage to experience the culture and traditions of the island and to inject these themes into her music. Recorded over just five days and mixed as the tracks were being laid down, Mélissa’s distinctive voice and sinuous guitar playing are burnished further by the shining presence on guitar and cuatro of Drew Gonsalves, leader of Trinidadian band Kobo Town, and the sound is given a dramatic, live feel by the French production team A.L.B.E.R.T. (Air, Tony Allen, Charlotte Gainsbourg).

Released: March 2018
Cat: NF40
Label: No Format



1. Lé Ma Monte Chwal
2. Mwen
3. Nan Fon Bwa
4. Angeli-ko
5. Kouzen
6. Simalo
7. Jolibwa
8. Tolalito
9. Twa Fey
10. Legba Na Konsole
11. Lasir n La Bal n
12. Nibo
13. Panama Mwen Tombe