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Little Dark Age

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Lordy Lordy, has it really been over a decade since MGMT told us all they were going to move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars? It really has, and that may make some of us feel quite old. So, in a move that would have infuriated Ian Curtis, they didn’t choke on their own vomit and they’re back with album numero four Little Dark Age.

It’s been three and a bit years since the band’s self-titled effort. The second part of a self-driven quest to destroy the commercial success of Oracular Spectacular. Given their (pretty successful) attempts at commercial suicide and the fact that the whole project was set up as a piss take, it’s surprising that MGMT still find themselves releasing this effort through Columbia records, but here they are! Fans of the band’s initial successes should be pleased to know that MGMT have kind of ditched the approach of the last two records and are allowing the songs to flourish for themselves and it’s a very welcome change of direction.

Whatever the future may hold for MGMT, Little Dark Age is a nod to what made everyone love them in the first place.



1. She Works Out Too Much
2. Little Dark Age
3. When You Die
4. Me and Michael
6. James
7. Days That Got Away
8. One Thing Left To Try
9. When You’re Small
10. Hand It Over


Released: February 2018
Cat: 088985476052 / Columbia