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Mark Ryan’s fifth album under the name Mind Spiders also featuring Mike Throneberry on drums and Peter Salisbury on synths. A short, sharp shock to the system at only thirty-three minutes long, Furies is spiky and frenetic synth driven punk.

The Devo influence is obvious - especially on ‘Never Like That’ but these guys come from a much darker planet and blend - as they do on ‘Shock and Repeat’ - traditional instruments with electronics with plenty of swagger. Furies steamrollers along and there is no let up until half way through the closing instrumental track ‘August’ when the percussion dissipates into almost melodic layers of synths, bringing the album to a somewhat unexpected denouement.

Furies is a tougher listen than most of Ryan’s previous work but the obsessive focus and relentless pummel of these eight songs is a threatening wonder to behold and this is Mind Spiders strongest work to date.”



1. Outside
2. Never Like That
3. Ice Bear
4. Deserve
5. Shock And Repeat
6. Furies
7. No Ground


Released: February 2018
Cat: ZZZ152 / Dirtnap