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Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt

by Moby
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Richard Melville Hall AKA Moby is an American musician, DJ, record producer, singer/songwriter, photographer, activist and all round enigma. He is considered by some as being the pioneer of the dance music industry helping to shift the genre into the mainstream both in the UK and across America.

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt is Moby’s fifteenth studio album, and similar to his other work it focuses on his explorations of spirituality, individuality and humanity. This can be seen in the track ‘Like a Motherless Child’ – performed previously by Odetta, Lena Home, Mahallia Jackson and Van Morrison – focusing on themes of a higher power and spirituality.

Although Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt is classified as a trip hop album there are elements present where Moby has shifted the focus back to his early roots bringing in sounds of soul and gospel and utilizing orchestral instruments.



A1. Mere Anarchy
A2. The Waste Of Suns
A3. Like A Motherless Child
B1. The Last Of Goodbyes
B2. The Ceremony Of Innocence
B3. The Tired And The Hurt
C1. Welcome To Hard Times
C2. The Sorrow Tree
C3. Falling Rain And Light
D1. The Middle Is Gone
D2. This Wild Darkness
D3. A Dark Cloud Is Coming


Released: March 2018
Cat: IDIOT60 / Little Idiot