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You Will Not Die

by Nakhane
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You Will Not Die is the second album from the South African LGBTQ champion, Nakhane. This is an extraordinary record, which combines afro beat, soul and electronic genres with gospel chorus, while Nakhane’s soaring voice tells poignant tales from his life.

Having been openly gay since his 20s, this album marks the period before his coming out. “When I was Christian and prayed to God everyday, I had only hatred for myself. I was even convinced I would be able to ‘heal’ my homosexuality. I was living in constant fear; controlling myself at all times.”

The thread of choral singing runs throughout, hinting to the Xhosa hymns that Nakhane has been singing since his childhood with his mother, sisters and aunts, which allowed him freedom from his troubles: “All of a sudden on stage I could be precisely who I wanted to be”.

Standout track ‘Interloper’ has a pulsating synth riff; smooth, rich vocals from Nakhane, and a goose-bump-inducing choir. ‘Clairvoyant’ features hymn-like harmonies, 80s-dancebeats and catchy electric guitar riffs. Listen closely and you’ll spot the sonic input of Bat For Lashes producer, Ben Christophers. For fans of Ahnoni and Prince, the album is available on 12” vinyl.


  1. Violent Measures
  2. Clairvoyant
  3. Interloper
  4. You Will Not Die
  5. Presbyteria
  6. The Dead
  7. Star Red
  8. Fog
  9. By The Gullet
  10. All Along
  11. Teen Prayer
  12. Clairvoyant (Radio Mix)

Released: March 2018
Cat: 4050538334036 / BMG