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Amber Galactic

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Artists almost always have yesteryear’s influences on their records and we will sit and talk about how this record has flecks of 1970’s psychedelia or that record has elements of 1980’s early electronica.

Sweden’s The Night Flight Orchestra manage to do something very special. They don’t just have flecks or elements of classic rock. They are classic rock. They are Graham Bonnet-era Rainbow reincarnated in the 2010’s. To such a degree that if you listened to new record Amber Galactic without any prior knowledge you would stake your children that it was recorded in 1980. Like or loathe classic rock, it is a very accomplished project. 

Released: May 2017
Cat: NB4010-1
Label: Nuclear Blast



1. Midnight Flyer
2. Star Of Rio
3. Gemini
4. Sad State Of Affairs
5. Jennie
6. Domino
7. Josephine
8. Space Whisperer
9. Something Mysterious
10. Saturn In Velvet
11. Just Another Night (Bonus Track)