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by Oneida

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Brooklyn veterans continue to smash the mould to pieces on their first traditional long player in almost a decade. That’s a long “break” isn’t it. Yes, yes it is. But a lot has happened in that time. First up, the band lost their studio, because the Brooklyn equivalent of a local council tore it down to build bland modern houses, or offices, or other crap to that effect. After that, the band took their experiments out of the studio and into the live area, spawning a collection of limited releases that reflect this period in the band’s journey. 2012 saw the band release A List Of The Burning Mountains, 40 minutes of atmosphere spread over 2 tracks.

So, Romance. Several years in the making and as complex and expansive as ever. You won’t be surprised to find that this is music that your Granny might disapprove of. It’s edgy, it’s raw, it’s hypnotic and sometimes it’s bloody difficult! It doesn’t want you to get some instant sugary hit of gratification. Oh no, you have to work for it! But you probably have an idea of what you’ll get here anyway, and it won’t leave you disappointed.

Released: March 2018
Cat: JNR246
Label: Joyful Noise



1. Economy Travel
2. Bad Habit
3. All in Due Time
4. It Was Me
5. Good Lie
6. Lay of the Land
7. Cedars
8. Reputation
9. Cockfight
10. Good Cheer
11. Shepherd's Axe