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Check out our new 3 for 2 section for big savings!
Check out our new 3 for 2 section for big savings!

Overstocks 3 for 2: Part Two


Availability: In stock and shipping now.

Availability: Hurry, only one copy in stock!

Availability: Not in stock or no longer available

Availability: Not in stock but we can order it in. We aim to ship in 3-5 days.

★ Simply add 3 items to your cart and the cheapest item will be automatically discounted. Note: The offer only works from within the overstocks catalogues themselves - it will not work when browsing our regular in-stock catalogues. ★

Over a calendar year, we often end up with more copies of records than we can move on at full retail value. This can be for one or more different reasons:

  • We overestimated how many we would sell
  • The release is excellent but the fanbase/exposure is small
  • There were one or more limited-edition versions around that we didn’t know about; these always affect sales of “regular” versions
  • Many other reasons…

When a new release hits the bins, we usually know pretty quickly if we’re going to sell the quantity we have or not. Sadly, some excellent releases will sit in the bins going longer and longer unsold, which is just about the worst thing for a record shop trying to buy in fresh stock every week.

So, we’ve come up with our Overstocks 3 for 2 scheme, which aims to help us move on some excellent releases more quickly; keeping cash flow healthy and customers bargain-happy!