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Modern History

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Over a decade old with a discography reaching double figures across several different labels (Loglady, Mexican Summer, Burger, Lollipop, Plastic Response, Mother of Pearl, Sweaters & Pearls, Voice Academy, Sixteen Tambourines, Fuzz City, Volar, Volcom) David Loca's work under the Part Time moniker really shouldn't require any introduction. Nonetheless, David Loca crafted a lo-fi bedroom-recorded sound that is equal parts psychedelic pop, soft rock and primitive synth-pop. He has cranked out many records. Mexican Summers' What Would You Say, Burger Records' Double-LP Virgo's Maze, Mother of Pearls' Return to Cherry' and the Lollipop/Plastic Response co-release Double-LP H.F.M. are definite must listen highlights. Joined on stage by a full band, and using them on his first studio album of newly written songs, old songs, and some written on the spot, -- and Ariel Pink on one track -- polished up the wobbly '80s psych pop and soft rock sound without losing any of its inherent oddness.

Released: June 2020
Cat: BRGR1324
Label: Burger Records



1. White Agents
2. Everyone_S Gotta Gun
3. A Pixies Dream
4. The Egyptian Moon
5. The Adventures Of Sally The Sea Turtle
6. Ra B With U
7. March Of The Abalone Clydesdales
8. Some Will Crawl
9. Fluff Nugget
10. Famously Lame Sugar
11. Modern History
12. Lepers In The Garden
13. Tonight
14. Mints
15. Happy Birthday Ricky
16. 777
17. Perennials
18. Vertebraeker
19. Drugs Drugs Drugs (Synthetic)