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Late Night Party Line

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Acclaimed duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, known as PBR Streetgang on the weekends, dive into the world of dance music albums with their first LP Late Night Party Line. The record, released on Skint, is a throwback to house music of the 80s with a heavy focus on synths and loud gated snare drums in the ilk of Prince. However, there are other influences at work here too. Most of the beats are heavily syncopated and sample-based; reminiscent of 90s hip-hop. Vocalists also feature on four of the tracks giving the LP some pop-orientated moments in what is otherwise a dancefloor and DJ friendly set of tunes. Having such instances is vital for a dance music LP as often they can simply become extended EPs, track after track of music primarily aimed for DJs and not casual listeners. However, with the inclusion of vocalists the duo sidesteps this pitfall effectively.

DJ friendly, kitchen after party friendly and casual listener friendly. Late Night Party Line is not a record to be sniffed at.



A1. Human Being feat Lilly Juniper
A2. I Left My Heart
A3. Late Night Party Line
B1. Transfunction
B2. Everything Changes feat Mattie Safer
B3. Ferric feat Danielle Moore
C1. Special FLX
C2. Montu feat Ron Basejam
D1. Money Casino Brass
D2. Pork Chop Express


Released: March 2018
Cat: BRASSIC119 / Skint