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Magic Mirror


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Los Angeles songstress Pearl Charles follows up her 2018 debut with a gussied up version of her brand of country disco on Magic Mirror, out January 15, 2021 on Kanine Records.

Some say life only makes sense in reverse, from the vantage point of your rear view – Magic Mirror is a looking glass of sorts. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland, Pearl Charles beckons you to slip and fall into her world. You’ll find yourself drifting with the tide – the ups, downs, and all-arounds of a life well-lived and well-loved. 

From start to finish you float along a reflective river, dancing in your own/the personal/private Studio 54 of your living room, decked out in sequins or nothing at all. It’s a feel good album that asks us to actually take the time to feel good. Magic Mirror follows the cartography of a girl, growing into a woman, as she moves through life from singledom, to the expansive space of self-reflection, and the newly appreciated perspective of coming back together again and finding yourself, this time with someone new. 

A love letter to the self, a dance party for life, and at times as introspective as your best trip, Pearl takes us on a journey that, like life & love, has the tendency to surprise, delight, and leave you breathless. All you have to do is let yourself enjoy it.

Released: January 2021
Cat: KR242
Label: Kanine Records



1. Only for Tonight 
2. What I Need 
3. Imposter 
4. Don't Feel Like Myself 
5. Magic Mirror 
6. Slipping Away 
7. All the Way 
8. Take Your Time