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Live at Barrowlands 2020


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The now legendary show that started the teuchter rock trio’s sold out UK tour at the beginning of 2020 at Glasgow’s favourite venue, The Barrowland Ballroom. Features live versions of all their favourites from their first two albums Uptown Fank and Light my Byre.

Remember when thousands of strangers would all pile into a gig, jammed in like sheep at the fank, not a care in the world, just there to feel the buzz and magic of live music. It was crazy. Are these days gone forever??

Let’s go back to January 2020, the first time Peat & Diesel arrived in Glasgow, to play the famous Barrowlands Ballroom (aka The Barras). There were an army of 2000 true P&D fans waiting to have the craziest night both the band and the crowd had ever seen and if you don’t believe it… this album will prove it!!! Peat & Diesel - Live at the Barrowlands 2020 is an album which was recorded to capture the incredible sound of the crowd (not the band!) and the atmosphere they brought with them that special night. It is not in any way recorded with any fancy tools to sort any mistakes or nonsense, its 100% raw, just the way Peat & Diesel wanted it.

So grab a dram, get yourself sitting by the fire, sit back, close your eyes and listen to the Album and picture yourself there in the good days when live music was the place to be. Or if you want you can open your windows and crank the stereo to 99 and let the neighbours hear the racket!

Released: January 2021
Cat: WSPD6
Label: Wee Studio Records



1. Intro
2. Stornoway
3. Salt and Pepper
4. Say You Love Me
5. Loch Maree Islands
6. Co Leig a-mach Thu
7. Plate Full of Sgadan
8. Calum Dan's Transit Van
9. Brandy in the Airidh
10. Dirty Old Town
11. Heorna Mhor
12. Watchakapheep
13. Island
14. Western Isles
15. The Skye Locomotion
16. Country Boy