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Phantom Thread Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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I’ve said it numerous times, a soundtrack should be a stand-alone piece of art and should be appreciated for its own brilliance.

Phantom Thread is a Golden Globe, Oscar and BAFTA-nominated film from Director Paul Thomas Anderson and stars Daniel Day-Lewis. The film centres around 1954 London and looks at the fashion within high-society of that period.

The Phantom Thread soundtrack is as heart-breaking as it is eerie, it’s as moving as it is unnerving but above all else it tells the complete story in just 18 brilliant orchestral tracks. Jonny Greenwood’s compositions on this album are to be adored, there’s a heavy use of strings throughout which just add to its’ raw emotion.

At times this album is a difficult listen, but in a good way. It’s representative of a period in time focusing on people’s lives, and life isn’t easy – so why should the soundtrack be?

This is the kind of double gatefold album that you need in your vinyl collection. It’s one with which you sit down with a glass of your favourite tipple and contemplate life.

Released: April 2018
Cat: 075597933406
Label: Nonesuch



1  Phantom Thread I 
2  The Hem 
3  Sandalwood I 
4  The Tailor of Fitzrovia 
5  Alma 
6  Boletus Felleus 
7  Phantom Thread II 
8  Catch Hold 
9  Never Cursed 
10  That's As May Be 
11  Phantom Thread III 
12  I'll Follow Tomorrow 
13  House of Woodcock 
14  Sandalwood II 
15  Barbara Rose 
16  Endless Superstition 
17  Phantom Thread IV 
18  For the Hungry Boy