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At turns brutal, heavy, claustrophobic, cathartic & poetic, Margaret Chardiet’s third full-length is the strongest in her to-date flawless discography.

As the pre-eminent exponent of the NYC noise scene since 2009, Contact by Pharmakon howls into your consciousness through screamed vocals immersed in perfectly constructed, violent noise & appropriately disconcerting artwork.

Nihilistic in approach, but evidently in disapproval of the same by nature of its very existence, Contact is an album which questions the act of being & its perception. In contrast to the exploration of the disconnect between the physical & mental which permeated her previous album, Bestial Burden, Contact can be seen & heard as a deeper, further fathoming of the same relentless abyss.

It may not be a “fun” album, but the most profound things never are.

“How starkly human” to quote the first lyric of the album.

Cream marbled vinyl released on the inimitable Sacred Bones imprint.

    1. Nakedness of Need (6:18)
    2. Sentient (2:20)
    3.Transmission (4:54)
    4. Sleepwalking Form (7:35)
    5. Somatic (4:26)
    6. No Natural Order (6:51)

      Released: March 2017
      Cat: SBR175 / Sacred Bones