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Miserable Miracles

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“The synth album” seems to happen to every indie band given enough time, and so too to Russian trio Pinkshinyultrablast. Miserable Miracles is the outfit’s third album in total and on it they’ve gone to that beautiful place in the late 80s where people realised that synthesisers could be used for good and not evil.

So Miserable Miracles has a retro Cocteau Twins or Kraftwerk sort of vibe, sure, but the boundary-popping nature of this trio also means that the album remains progressive and modern in its complexities and quirks, done wonderfully in recent times by contemporaries such as Snapped Ankles.

Standout track ‘Find Your Saint’ is the most awe-inspired piece of indie-shoegaze you’ll hear this year, a delectable meal of Slowdive on School Of Seven Bells.

Amongst the platter of inspiration here are Japanese pop influences too, prevalent on high energy animated tracks such as ‘Eray’ that sleep side by side in harmony with elementary shoegaze originals like ‘Blue Hour’ and ‘Earth And Elsewhere’.

For pudding, there is epic single release ‘In The Hanging Gardens’ too.  Miserable Miracles is, in summary, “the synth album” done brilliantly.

Available on limited heavyweight, randomly packed coloured vinyl; either blue and yellow (limited to 500) or pink (limited to 300 copies).

Released: May 2018
Cat: AC3015021
Label: Club AC30



1. Dance AM
2. Triangles
3. Find Your Saint
4. Eray
5. Blue Hour
6. Earth and Elsewhere
7. Taleidoscope
8. In The Hanging Gardens
9. Looming