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Why Love Now


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Release Info: Released Feb 24th 2017
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Cat: SP1190 (Sub Pop)

Ah, 2017. Remembered forever in history as the year the free world totally lost its nugget. But look, there’s hope yet. In 2017 Pissed Jeans returned to deal with all of our problems and save us from ourselves. ‘Why Love Now’ is the Pennsylvania foursome’s fifth album across a 13 year racket tour.

This is an album that takes a pot-shot at life’s shitheads; of which Pissed Jeans seem to have discovered there are more of than we first imagined. But this isn’t about the shitheads running the planet. These are the shitheads we find in office blocks, coffee shops, nightclubs and the ones paying for live webcam streams. Pissed Jeans may not save the world from nuclear war but they can at least open your eyes to the fact that you, the average schmuck, is a bit of a shit on your way down to Hell.

As is absolutely always the best kind, ‘Why Love Now’ is understated punk rock. It is modern and valid and always with just the right measure of amusement in the mix. Vinyl comes in a standard version or a limited "loser" coloured edition. 


1. Waiting On My Horrible Warning
2. The Bar Is Low
3. Ignorecam
4. Cold Whip Cream
5. Love Without Emotion
6. I’m A Man
7. (Won’t Tell You) My Sign
8. It's Your Knees
9. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
10. Have You Ever Been Furniture
11. Activia
12. Not Even Married