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Pools is the second album from the Los Angeles based psych/punk trio following their 2015 debut Looks. Prettiest Eyes are Pachy Garcia on drums and vocals, Marcos Rodriguez on bass and Paco Casanova on keyboards and electronics.

Over the twelve tracks they cook up a dense muddy stew of garage punk with garnishings of electronica thrown into the pot. The album starts strongly with the grungy ‘Don’t Call’ which could have come off a Holy Fuck record. In fact the overall feel of Pools is something akin to the Birthday Party and Holy Fuck Colliding in a head - on crash.

The record has a variety of styles; ‘Dandy’ and closing track ‘A Sweet Song’ are almost 60‘s garage psych - imagine a band off a nuggets compilation but playing in 2018. They even have their personal take on the twelve -bar blues on ‘See Saw’ coming over like a bar band out of it on downers.

“The searing atonalism on Pools is equal parts narcotic invocation and Dissociated garage punk “



1. Don't Call
2. Mire Nena
3. Pools
4. No Hands Pete
5. Dandy
6. Untitled
7. See Saw
8. Gold Snake
9. Let Me Touch
10. Prance
11. Uncut
12. A Sweet Song


Released: January 2018
Cat: CF095 / Castle Face