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Ultimate Success Today


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Ultimate Success Today is the fifth album from alternative rock band Protomartyr. The record is largely informed by singer Joe Casey’s retrospective feelings about how he felt during the re-release of their first album, No Passion All Technique. Casey ruminates over the passing of time. Listening back to the album, Casey hears himself hoping for a long future but conscious that that could be it for the band. Writing Ultimate Success Today, Casey was reminded of that fervent urgency of the first record and, while it may prove to be just another milestone in a long career, Ultimate Success Today finds Casey wanting to get his last words in, just in case. Behind that stark descriptor looms glorious walls of sound and melodious textures, from a band destined for another high-ranking end-of-year album. Ultimate Success Today is available in an indie store exclusive transparent blue vinyl and includes a poster and zine insert. A digital download is included.

Released: July 2020
Cat: WIGLP464
Label: Domino



1. Day Without End
2. Processed By The Boys
3. I Am You Now
4. The Aphorist
5. June 21
6. Michigan Hammers
7. Tranquilizer
8. Modern Business Hymns
9. Bridge & Crown
10. Worm In Heaven