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A Bluebird Vacation

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The sound of fireworks used as a musical instrument on A Bluebird Vacation perfectly symbolizes the range of powers Psychic Graveyard wields. Pretty and enthusiastic if they want, but if they choose to get in your face, the sound of celebration becomes one of pain. Interweaving field recordings like, and other non-traditional instruments into their distinctive style of rhythmic meanness, Psychic Graveyard find themselves in new territory. Very few tracks include guitars at all. The results work hand in hand with the lyrics addressing very personal experiences with mental illness, antidepressants and benzodiazepines, and the difficulty of helping families going through their own challenges. These sounds don’t blindly spin into despair nor foolishly claim that overcoming just requires finding the right vocal melody. These songs are as messy as life itself, in all its stupid beauty.

Released: June 2020
Cat: DBA236
Label: Deathbomb Arc



1. I Wanted Anything
2. Is There A Hotline?
3. Backyard Full of Laughter
4. I Know That Woman
5. No
6. A Bluebird Vacation
7. Weapon
8. People Dislike Me
9. Animal I Can't Avoid
10. Never Get Clean File