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7" Wonder

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Four switched-on women from Brighton – with an average age of just twenty – release their debut EP 7-Inch Wonder on Revulva. With a band name that beggars belief hasn’t been snapped up before now, Pussyliquor are straight-up feminists and not about to hide it from you, me, or anybody else.

Though their instruments seem to weeble out of control from time to time, it all adds to the chaotic nature of their furious punk delivery, rekindling memories of Rubella Ballet or The Slits.

Opener ‘Get Out’ is the track that this EP was pressed for; a vitriolic – and hugely witty – put-down of the morning after an entirely regretful night before.



1. Get Out
2. Hurtz
3. Kitty Kitty
4. Pretty Good For a Girl


Released: January 2018
Cat: REVULVA1 / Revulva