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Actual Existence

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Actual Existence is the second album by Chicago-based alt-rock three-piece RLYR (FYI pronounced ‘Relayer’). On it they develop their complex form of experimental rock music, as demonstrated the first time around on debut Delayer in 2016.

An expansive and progressive record, Actual Existence is all about the layers. Layer after fresh layer of impossibly tight gamesmanship span an increasingly long and winding road; just the four tracks on the record – the shortest of which just over the seven minute mark.

Lengths on length of experimental instrumentals may lead you to confuse Actual Existence with indulgent prog. Not at all. This is cathartic, red raw post-rock, dedicated not to straightforward melody and “hits” but to larger complex structures. It’s arty and it’s smart but it’s importantly also free of self-decadence.



1. Actual Existence
2. L.Layer
3. Artificial Horizons
4. Vacancy


Released: April 2018
Cat: FR86 / Flenser