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Blister Steel


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Oregon's Roselit Bone return with their second album, Blister Steel. 2014's debut Blacken and Curl wore its spaghetti western soundtrack influences on its sleeve. Blister Steel, however, could be the soundtrack to a David Lynch film. The dark plaintive vocals of Joshua Mc Caslin are backed by the ten piece band producing a potent brew of rock 'n' roll, country and tex-mex. Pedal steel guitars, violin, accordion and mariachi trumpets flood the ten tracks.

At over 7 minutes, 'Leech Child' the album's longest track, is an atmospheric slow-burner that builds to a disturbing crescendo. In comparison, 'Where Our Cast Light Doubles', 'Tie Dye Cowboy' and 'Just Lie Still' are almost standard country and western. Not that there is such a thing in Roselit Bone's world.

A soundtrack to a tequila comedown after a night of debauchery in tijuana, Blister Steel is country and western film noir.

''Country music has never been this turbid, frightening or perfect''

American Standard Time (press)

Released: June 2017
Label: Friendship Forever



1. Blister Steel
2. By The Glint if Your Horns
3. My First Name
4. Leech Child
5. Where Our Cast Light Doubles 
6. Tie Dye Cowboy
7. Riders on The Wall
8. Only Falling Sounds
9. Just Lie Still
10. Like So Much Garbage