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Release Info: Released May 19th 2017
Product Info: Indies-Only Red 12" Heavyweight Virgin Vinyl LPCode
Cat: WIGLP398X (Domino)

From humble bedroom beginnings uploading DIY creations to Bandcamp in Philadelphia, Alexander Giannascoli, better known as (Sandy) Alex G, built a dedicated following of lo-fi super fans and music critics and in 2015 found himself on Domino’s books. Living proof that not everybody who earned fame through the Internet is a tit.

Remarkably ‘Rocket’, his second release on Domino following 2015’s ‘Beach Music’, is Alex G’s eighth record. If my arithmetic is correct he is 24 years old. I cannot recall what I was doing at 24 but it wasn’t releasing an eighth album (or a first for that matter). This is productivity almost beyond belief. Granted, two thirds of them were self-released tapes but even so that level of potency is outrageous.

‘Rocket’ darts around the music spectrum like no previous release. There is, of course, the ever-present folk-pop but Alex G also experiments with AutoTune and, careful now, what is almost an R&B backdrop on ‘Sportstar’. The latest release, ‘Brick’, also throws us into completely unchartered waters. Bursting out of the sea of dreamy folk melodies before it, Brick is an angry, distorted two minute blockade. A shouty hip-hop-come-techno conundrum. Not for everybody, sure, but evidence that Alex G is not afraid one bit to change the tone. Then there are the tracks synonymous with Alex G; the ones that you expect to find, the country strums of ‘Bobby’ and, of course, the starlet of our album, ‘Proud’, a beautifully vulnerable folk-pop classic.

Alex G’s rise has been quick in terms of age but at the same steady, with each record pulling in just a few more new fans than the last. ‘Rocket’ has been picking up a lot of attention so it could be a fairly apt name for where this album takes him.

For maximum quality, the record has been pressed onto virgin vinyl and we have the limited independent-only red edition in store.


1. Poison Root
2. Proud
3. County
4. Bobby
5. Witch
6. Horse
7. Brick
8. Sportstar
9. Judge
10. Rocket
11. Powerful Man
12. Alina
13. Big Fish
14. Guilty