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Despite considerations to quit making music, encouragement for Shannon Wright continues to pour in and here she is again with the next new record. As avant-garde and haunting as ever, the Atlanta native brings us a progressive and confident offering, a commixture of her daring personality and steadfast refusal for fashionability. Division explores dark, uncompromising corners as well as light, gorgeous pop melodies. It’s a cliché that I’m certain she doesn’t want but the comparisons to Bjork are ever-present.

      1. Division 03:18
      2. The Thirst 04:18
      3. Wayward 03:49
      4. Accidental 03:39
      5. Seemingly 02:56
      6. Soft Noise 05:47
      7. Iodine 04:35
      8. Lighthouse (Drag us in) 05:08

        Released: March 2017
        Cat: REVERB141L / Vicious Circle