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Takk (2020)


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Takk… - Sigur Rós’s fourth album and the one where they finally got happy, albeit in their own inimitable and deeply inscrutable, north Atlantic way. This is the record that gave the world ‘Hoppípolla’, a song which cemented Sigur Rós’s reputation for being the go-to band for anyone wanting a sense of wonderful possibility in their film/TV show. The record also harboured moments of definitive Sigur Rós drama in singles 'Glósóli' and 'Sæglópur', and high beauty in 'Sé Lest' and 'Svo Hljótt'.

Takk…. - which means “thank you” in the band’s native Icelandic - quickly became the band’s biggest selling album around the world, fuelled by 'Hoppípolla’s usage in the BBC’s Planet Earth nature series. Sung in a mixture of Icelandic and the wordless Hopelandic, Takk… was recorded by the band with producer Ken Thomas in 2005 at their Sundlaugin studio in the Icelandic countryside. The vinyl record comes packaged on 2 x 12-inch, plus 1 x one-sided etched 10-inch single. The album artwork is the original debossed and die-cut sleeve, with printed inner bags, all done to the band’s exacting specifications and pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

Released: October 2020
Cat: 0190296852848
Label: KRUNK



1. Takk...
2. Glosoli
3. Hoppípolla
4. Med Blodnasir
5. Sé Lest
6. Saeglopur
7. Gong
8. Andvari
9. Svo Hljott
10. Heysatan
11. Mílano (10")