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Electric Meditations


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Power trio (plus saxes and flutes) The Silence guide the listener through a unique sequence of electric meditations to reorient your perspective. Savage and dirty rock poses to help you expel the harshness from your soul. The Silence continue their singular journey to known and unknown places in the musical universe on their fifth album, Electric Meditations. On their second record as a quartet they distil the expansive nature of the original quintet into a guitar-bass-and-drums plus woodwinds combination, an especially rocking sound from beginning to end, which suits the new songs. Recorded in an all-analogue process at GOK Studios in Tokyo, the sounds on Electric Meditations are a measure of The Silence’s soul. The title track, which drives for nearly eight minutes off a deadly two-chord riff, exemplifies this quality, descending to great depths and expanding immeasurably from minimal to maximal, finding blues and hard rock vibes in the process.

Released: November 2020
Cat: DC776
Label: Drag City



1. Tsumi To Warai
2. Butterfly Blues
3. Meido Nisshi
4. Electric Meditations
5. Improvisation
6. I’m A Man