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Oneiric Formulary

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Five years after Tangier Sessions, Sir Richard Bishop, we presume, is back from his travels around the world. With Oneiric Formulary, he’s dug deeper into his bag of extramusical gestures from the eternal and unknowable, along with a few sounds we might recognize, all transmuted for our mortal ears’ enjoyment. The last couple of Sir Richard Bishop releases on Drag City were genre exercises of sorts - The Freak of Araby explored the musical legacy of late Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid while Tangier Sessions explored the sound of an obscure 19th Century guitar that Rick had acquired from a mysterious Swiss luthier. The title Oneiric Formulary may sit contrarily on the tongue - but one may refer to it as representing “a collection of dream states.” With such a lofty goal in mind and at his fingertips, Sir Rick returns to the approach of his DC debut, Polytheistic Fragments - a different sound, a different instrument, for nearly every track, drawing from the music of all nations, including and especially that infamous republic with only one person on the census roll (initials SRB). 

Released: April 2020
Cat: DC769
Label: Drag City



1. Call To Order
2. Celerity
3. Mit’s Linctus Codeine Co.
4. Renaissance Nod
5. Graveyard Wanderers
6. Dust Devils
7. Enville
8. Black Sara
9. The Coming Of The Rats
10. Vellum