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by Smerz

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Norwegian duo Smerz release Believer, the debut album that pushes Smerz far beyond their previous EP releases, 2017’s ‘Okey’ and 2018’s ‘Have Fun’.

Since releasing the Believer trailer back in October 2020, followed by a video for the tracks ‘I don’t talk about that much/Hva hvis’, the duo of Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt have slowly revealed a new auditory world. The duo meld sonic touchstones from their youth, like musicals and classical music, with swirling, trance-indebted synth lines and hip-hop plus R&B vocals that is distinctly Smerz.

Released: February 2021
Cat: XL1076LP
Label: XL Recordings



1. Gitarriff
2. Max
3. Believer
4. Versace Strings
5. Rain
6. 4 temaer
7. Hester
8. Flashing
9. The Favourite
10. Rap interlude
11. Sonette
12. Glassbord
13. Grand Piano
14. Missy
15. I don’t talk about that much